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X-Men : First Class

Director by Matthew Vaughn

James McAvoy | Michael Fassbender | Jennifer Lawrence

In starting with an amazing youth of Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lensherr before the founding of Xavier School For Gifted Resources Youngster.School of Mutant they established after finishing school in Oxford to examine and study the new phenomena that occur in humans as "homo superior", the man kind a mutant who has the gene X. Students who study in special schools it originally was Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Hank McCoy, Ororo Munroe, Raven Darkholme, Mortimer Toynbee and Emma Frost.
The two friends are involved in the conflict. This is because both have a different understanding and idealism. The dispute was going on and even they destroy each other.

Released Date : 03 June 2011
Image source by : Google
Story source by : Yudhi A.W  
Note: This film is very nice to watch, may not be able to go to Indonesia because of foreign films banned by the government.

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