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I Am Love

I Am Love
released : June

Starring : Tilda Swinton, Gabriele Ferzetti, Gabriele Ferzetti.

Cast :
* Tilda Swinton - Emma Recchi
* Flavio Parenti - Edoardo Recchi Jr.
* Edoardo Gabbriellini - Antonio Biscaglia
* Alba Rohrwacher - Elisabetta Recchi
* Pippo Delbono - Tancredi Recchi
* Maria Paiato - Ida Roselli
* Daine Fleri - Eva Ugolini
* Waris Ahluwalia - Mr. Kubelkian
* Marisa Berenson - Allegra Recchi
* Gabriele Ferzetti - Edoardo Recchi Sr.

About Plot :

The Recchi family are winners to a man – although the women look a good deal less confident. At a formal lunch party, ailing scion Edoardo Sr (Gabriele Ferzetti) celebrates his birthday by passing the business on to his son, Tancredi (Pippo Delbono), and, unexpectedly, his grandson Edoardo (Flavio Parenti), the beloved heart of the family.

Tancredi’s wife, Emma (Swinton), a Russian √©migr√©, is evidently not entirely at ease: they have another son, Gianluca (Mattia Zaccaro) and a daughter Elizabeth (Alba Rohrwacher) who is an artist, and, it is later revealed, a lesbian.

And, fatefully, during that same evening, Eduardo Jr introduces his mother to his friend Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini), a chef, with whom he plans to set up a business.

Later, Emma, facing an empty nest, takes a trip to Sanremo and encounters Antonio there, as Edoardo Jr struggles against his role in the business during a trip to London.

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