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Bébé's Kids

About This Film :
  • Bébé's Kids, released to VHS and DVD as Robin Harris' Bébé's Kids, is a 1992 American animated film produced by the Hudlin Brothers and Hyperion Pictures, directed by Bruce W. Smith, and released on July 31, 1992 by Paramount Pictures.

    The first animated feature to feature an entirely African-American main cast, the film is based upon comedian Robin Harris' "Bébé's Kids" stand-up comedy act. It features the voices of Faizon Love, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Marques Houston, Nell Carter, and Tone Lōc. Tom Everett, Rich Little and Louie Anderson also lend their voices.
About Story :
  • In the original act, Robin's prospective girlfriend asks him to take her and her son to Disneyland, but when he agrees she shows up with four kids.

    As it turns out, Bébé's kids are extremely rambunctious, misbehaved, ill-tempered, and flat-out bad. They terrorize park staff, cut off the Mickey Mouse's feet, try to steal Robin's 8-track/radio while he's listening to it, and make a general menace of themselves. Their reputation is so bad that even the police refuse to mess with them.

    In a second act, the Kids and his girlfriend pick up Robin from a bar and make him take them to Las Vegas. Pee Wee picks up a power cord and the power goes out.
About Plot :
  • The film is based on a stand-up routine of Robin Harris that is shown in a brief live-action segment at the beginning of the film. The story of the film begins with an animated version of Robin Harris (Faizon Love) woefully recounting his troubles to a blind bartender. He traces his problems all the way back to Jamika (Vanessa Bell Calloway), an attractive female that he met at a funeral. Outside the premises, Robin approaches Jamika and asks her out. Jamika picks up her son Leon (Wayne Collins Junior) from the babysitter and invites Robin to come along with her to an amusement park named Fun World, to which Robin agrees. The next day, Jamika introduces Robin to the children of her friend Bébé: Kahil (Marques Houston), LaShawn (Jonell Green) and Pee-Wee (Tone-Lōc). The group travels to Fun World, but are confronted by the security before they can enter and are warned that they are being watched. Upon entering the park, the kids are set loose and promptly wreak havoc.

    After finally calming down the kids, Robin runs into his ex-wife Dorthea (Myra J.). After going on a couple of rides, Robin and Jamika let the kids off on their own again as they attempt to enjoy a ride through the Tunnel of Love, where Jamika amends Robin for his endurance. As Robin and Jamika go on a trip Leon tries to fit himself in with Bébé's Kids, but is unsuccessful. The kids then resume their trouble until they are caught by the security. However, they escape from the security's trap and convince a bunch of other kids to spread the chaos. Meanwhile, Dorthea and her friend Vivian (Nell Carter) attempt to sabotage the growing relationship between Robin and Jamika, but are thwarted by Robin's mother insults. Elsewhere, in an abandoned building, Leon and Bébé's Kids are captured by robot versions of the Terminator, Abraham Lincoln, a bear and Richard Nixon and are put on trial, in which the Terminator acts as the judge who decides whether the kids are worth sending to the electric chair, while Lincoln acts as the kids' lawyer and Nixon acts as the prosecutor. The kids win their freedom through the power of rap. The kids celebrate their victory by stealing a pirate ship and crashing it into an ocean liner.

    Robin and Jamika finally leave Fun World with the kids. Robin drops Bébé's Kids off at their apartment, where he sees just how lonely their life really is. Bébé still hasn't returned home and left a note asking Jamika to feed the kids. Back at the bar, Robin has a change of heart and goes back to the kids to hang out with them longer. They then go to Las Vegas, which is blacked out when Pee-Wee pulls apart a plug that lights the entire city, driving Robin to denounce Pee-Wee as a test tube baby.
And the Actor is :
* Faizon Love as Robin Harris
* Vanessa Bell Calloway as Jamika
* Wayne Collins, Jr. as Leon
* Jonell Green as LaShawn
* Marques Houston as Kahlil
* Tone Lōc as Pee Wee
* Myra J. as Dorthea
* Nell Carter as Vivian
* Robin Harris as Himself (Stand-up segment at the beginning)
* Plies Gttin it Wet Joe
* Ludacris Watermelon Frank
* Hooker 1 as Sally

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